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About Our Ideation

If you want your business to reach the next level, you don’t have to go far as we provide solutions that will help your organisation flourish. It all begins with an idea and that is where we excel. Ideas rule the world and if the foundation is good, the building will always be sturdy.


Our expertise with ideation will surely serve your cause well. Not only do we provide unique ideas, but also ones that are contemporary and lasting.

Elliot Uriah Business and Marketing Consultants

Business Planning

Selecting your goals and formulating policies that will help your business succeed is what business planning is all about.


If done strategically, with specific objectives in mind, your business is sure to succeed.


Business Plan Creation

This is the first and the most important step. The business plan is a written document that defines your company’s goals and objectives, and how these are to be achieved. It is a detailed document that lays out a roadmap for the future. It includes marketing, sales, financials and other operational details.

Usually the first step is to create an executive summary and describe your company in detail. After proper market research, a business plan indicates at the company’s future potential, usually a start-up. It also assesses the competition you are going to face and describes your service or product in detail, so that the customer knows each and every detail.

A sound business plan also lays out the marketing and sales strategy of your organisation as well as financial status. All in all, a business plan describes your venture in detail. Therefore, expert hands are needed to formulate a solid business plan.

Elliot Uriah Business and Marketing Consultants

Sales Planning

A sale planning is all about strategizing. It helps the sales team meet their targets after assessing them properly and helps the company attain its overall goals as far as sales are concerned.


A sales plan helps you forecast correctly and achieve the target set within the stipulated time-frame. It is all about assessing your goals and moving towards them full throttle.


A sale planning is essential insofar as the overall goals of the company are concerned. We can definitely help you achieve your targets of sales planning in the most organized manner.


  • You need to make your target audience aware that you exist. You need to introduce them to who you are, what you do, what is your USP, how are you different and what benefits you can give in the long run.

  • Find out who your competitors are (do a thorough research on them) and what they are doing for marketing their product. You don’t have to do what they are doing, but what they are not doing. Find out what class of people will follow you, where and who is your potential customer— youth, middle aged, old people, all or a combination.

  • Spend wisely on marketing because there are other aspects of your business plan, which would need more funds like production cost, manufacturing, etc. Keep marketing budget proportionate to how big or small your entire budget is since you are a start-up and not an established company, keeping operational costs and revenue forecasts in mind.

  • Marketing specialist Have a marketing man in your team as everybody in your team does not know everything, having an expert in you team is a bonus, if not, outsource or get a freelancer.

  • Digital marketing is the latest and the most important marketing tool these days, which actually is nothing difficult but ‘keyword research’. Somebody or the other is always online 24×7 searching for your kind of product, and prospective buyers should be able to know about you on any digital platform– website, blogs, social media networks and advertisements.

Building your brand is a continuous process where you‘ll need to brainstorm over new ideas and discuss with team members every single day, and also relate with others’ experience.


Financial Modeling

Financial modelling is all about your company's potential expenses and earnings in the future. It is done on a spread-sheet and will help you assess the direction in which the organisation will head towards in the future.

Financial modeling is important steps that can help the company executives formulate their plans with clarity. Any such model should be free of errors and easy to navigate without causing any unnecessary confusion. It is a document that generally includes the income status, cash flow and expenses.

Here again, we have expert knowledge and will help you master the art of financial modelling.

Elliot Uriah Business and Marketing Consultants
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